Crystal Magnetic Clasp Bracelet #008 Hummingbird & Lotus Flower Gunmetal w/ Safety Chain

$ 22.00

These bracelets are created using fine crystals and stylish unique beads. Each bracelet is handmade individually with emphasis on originality and color. The bracelets feature a magnetic clasp with an exclusive design safety chain. This innovative design allows you to fasten the bracelet by simply grasping & twisting the chain near the middle with your free hand. This technique and chain-magnet combination was designed and developed exclusively by Imaginative Creations. Sizing; Small 6"-7", Avg. 7"-7"1/2", Lg. 7" 1/2" - 8" 1/2". Please contact us if you require specialty sizing or colors. The main colors of the bracelet are silver and gun metal grey. This bracelet is embellished with a hummingbird and a lotus flower charm.

This bracelet is available in all sizes.

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